Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wearing gold, silver, pink, leather, sparkles, leopard print faux fur, fishnets and printed heels. Sounds a hot mess written down but I liked it. I've wanted a top/dress like this black one forever but they usually only come in tiny sizes so I was so happy to find this in a charity shop for about £4 and the fit is perfect. Also for once I'm actually wearing things I bought recently in shops rather than all vintage/charity shops/made by me so check out the linkssss. I was undecided over this coat for ages but then pounced on it when it was reduced from £55 to £27!

PS. I'm now back home in Leamington for Christmas and I can hopefully post more x

Coat: New Look, Pink Top: Vintage, Black Top: Vintage, Skirt: Vintage, Bag: Primark, Tights: Primark, Socks: Topshop, Heels: River Island

Monday, 24 November 2014

Cottage Road Cinema

Oooops I haven't posted anything for two weeks... but I've been quite busy. Amy came to Leeds to stay last weekend, and this weekend my sister came up to visit me. She was nice enough to take these photos of me outside my favourite cinema in Leeds, Cottage Road Cinema (where I saw Interstellar last week, which was just crazy). 

As I've mentioned a few times, there are a lot of good charity shops in my local area, and I got this heavy cotton (upholstery?) fabric from one of them. It measured about 4.5m x 2.5m, was in pristine condition and cost £15, which is obviously such a bargain. I made this A-line dress based on the late 60's dresses Peggy and others wear in Season 6 of Mad Men, and I love the little collar. Sorry about the inexcusable crease in the front but the iron in my apartment is useless.

This coat has been a lifesaver since I moved to Leeds and it keeps me so warm and looking sassy on my long treks to town. It also feels a bit like a dressing gown which is perfect in the freezing lecture halls.

Coat: Vintage, Hat: Vintage, Dress: Made by me, Bag: Christian Lacroix, Boots: Primark

Monday, 10 November 2014

Teddy picker

Hey another dress I've made since I've been at uni! I feel like I constantly have loads of free time or no free time at all. Anyway this fabric was a birthday gift from my friend (along with this parrot fabric) and since I had two metres of it I made it even more bigger and smockier than my usual dresses. Looser is always better especially when I'm leaving my apartment for a lecture at 8.20 in the morning and wishing I was still in pajamas.

I got this fab faux fur stole from a charity shop recently, and despite making me feel a bit like Henry VIII (no but really he wore things like this) it's so cosy and good for layering etc autumn etc falling leaves etc pumpkin lattes. Coloured faux fur is also bigggg right now so this goes some way to filling the Shrimps spaced hole in my wardrobe without hollowing out my wallet.

Dress: Made by me, Collar: Charity shop, Bag: Primark, Boots: Primark

Bonus: Teddy dress at the beach in Tynemouth when I went to visit my best friend Amy who goes to uni in Newcastle a few weeks ago

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Purple haze

Sorry these photos aren't the best, but I took them really quickly before I went to class this morning because I wanted to share this dress I made last night! As I said before, the charity shops in Headingley are so good, and I got this fabric (among other stuff.. coming soon) for £4, and it measures about 2m x 3m so it was an unreal bargain. I decided to make it a little different from my other smock dresses with more of a drop waist, no side seams (just the one at the back), longer sleeves, and the strappy detail on the back. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out even though I didn't have any purple thread so the white stands out a bit too much (you probably didn't even notice until I pointed it out though).

I know my back looks curiously orange in the above photo, but it's just the light bulb in my uni room promise. I got these boots in Primark a couple of weeks ago and I've literally been wearing them most days as they're SO comfortable you wouldn't believe but they also make me taller and I love the cleated sole. Anyway I now have to go write an essay about the development of the history of design as an academic discipline which is way less fun than making dresses. X

Hat: H&M, Dress: Made by me, Bag: Primark, Boots: Primark

Saturday, 1 November 2014

If only they knew she had the power

Halloween is probably my favourite night of the year and I'm so glad I got these photos taken so I could share my costume. Making costumes is honestly the funnest thing ever for me (well I am a Fashion Design student) and luckily Halloween seems to be a big deal in Leeds. I mean there was a queue and a bouncer outside the costume shop yesterday. There must have been about 20 different clubs with Halloween nights last night and I loved seeing thousands of people in costume in town.

I decided to go as some kinda dead 80s prom queen zombie Barbie (a couple of people asked if I was supposed to be Carrie, which I probably would have been if that movie didn't creep me out so much) but I ended up scrapping the prom queen sash I made because it was covering up my fake wound and the neckline of the dress. I got this 80s monstrosity from a vintage kilo sale a couple of weeks ago so it probably only cost me about £3, and I have tonnes of fabric left over as it was originally floor length! I just ripped it, scratched it with a stanley knife and painted it using water colour paints. I've made three or four different bloody costumes like this in recent years, and I usually use acrylic paints, but I only have water colour with me at uni and I have to say acrylic are much more effective for this kind of thing!

The wig came from a costume shop and also cost £3, but here's a link for an almost identical one if you want to feel as sassy as I did, or dress as Natalie Portman in Closer maybe? Luckily I found the tiara in a charity shop (the charity shops in my local area are AMAZING) so it only cost 30p! The gloves are the same ones I wore for my dead bride costume last year and my make-up's pretty much the same too apart from my little spider. 

I hope everyone had a fab Halloween and I'd love to hear about your costumes! XO

Wig: eBay (similar), Dress: Vintage/ DIY, Tiara: Charity shop, Belt: Topshop, Gloves: eBay (similar)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Have a Romy and Michele day

If you read my blog at all maybe you'll know that I'm crazy about 90s movies and fashion. I was only recently introduced to Romy and Michele's High School Reunion by my friend Amy. Anyway I loved their outfits so much that when Amy and I found this incredible metallic fabric in Birmingham Rag Market I knew I had to make some sassy Romy and Michele inspired dresses for us! I decided to make smock dresses so they're a little closer to my usual style and I also made a couple of scrunchies to match. When I wore the blue dress out so many girls commented that I looked like a mermaid with my faded green hair!

PS. This post is leftover from the Summer
PPS. I am no longer tanned and freckly like this
PPS. My hair's now pink all over not green!

Both dresses: Made by me, Boots: H&M

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Summer sewing

I probably made this dress in mid-August, and despite liking it I didn't wear it for ages because I was really unsure about how to style it. It's completely see through, and the little sequins make it SO scratchy. I figured it out when I saw photos from Molly Goddard's collection at London Fashion Week. The combination of heavily smocked pink sheer tulle dresses casually layered over faded band t shirts was really cool. This dress from Goddard's 2013 collaboration with ASOS was exactly how I wanted my pink dress to look had I not only bought one metre of fabric.

This shirt has been in my pajama draw ever since I saw The Cure a couple of years ago but I thought it was the perfect length for layering under my dress, and also prevented too many sequins from rubbing off on me! I bought the bag on holiday in Greece for something crazy like 3 euros, and it's the ideal size for nights out, as well as being pink and embroidered with an elephant - two of my favourite things. 

Dress: Made by me, T shirt: eBay, Boots: H&M, Bag: somewhere in Zante

Saturday, 4 October 2014


I made this dress a couple of weeks ago from some fabric my friend got me for my birthday. It's kind of crazy but I love it. I don't know how easy it is to tell because of the print but I deviated from my usual smock dresses by making a T shaped bodice, and then adding smocked panels at the sides, which I highlighted by sewing the black strips on. In the first photo the hem looks very crooked, but I can assure you it's completely straight IRL (maybe it's me that stands crooked?). Unbelievably I had TWO parrot necklaces already, which is two more than any sane person should have but I had to wear them with this dress right?

Obviously these photos were taken back home but I've worn this dress to a 'zoo' themed fancy dress night here in Leeds, as well as just wearing it to a regular club night as I didn't bring nearly enough clothes and I think this dress can pass as normal clothes too!

Dress: Made by me, Necklaces: Boot sale/ old Topshop, Boots: H&M